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About To End

Our ten-day vacation is about to end. We will be going back to Manila tomorrow but we haven’t packed yet. Our clothes were laundered last Sunday but they’re not yet dry until now. It’s been raining here every afternoon and I am hoping that this day will be an exception. It is heavier to carry wet clothes :(

We will also visit fruit stands later to buy some pasalubong. Some friends requested for Durian and Marang. Unfortunately, it is not fruit season nowadays. The prices of fruits here are almost the same in Manila. But during the fruit season, the fruits are almost free. If the fruits are really expensive, I might just bought them candies :D

I am excited to go home and have a faster internet connection (my internetion connection in Bulacan is also slow but a little faster from what I get here). Aside from that, hubby and I still have several things to take care of before we leave for Bohol and we are running out of time. I am also excited to see the second batch of print-outs I ordered from ArtsCow. Few more hours and I will see again the old familiar place I left nine days ago.

Plan To Visit Agco Park

We are planning to have a family outing tomorrow at Agco Park just at the feet of Mt. Apo. There is a resort there and a hot spring. This is the first far place that we will be visiting since we arrive here in Kidapawan. I’m too happy to have a chance to unwind. This week is a stressful week because of my internet connection and my tasks. Probably because of the pressure I felt, a pimple burst near my temple but not enough reason to take an acne treatment nor to checkĀ http://www.acsonixreviews.com. I will make the most out our bonding tomorrow. It is an everyday that I have the chance to visit a hot spring :D

Ukay-ukays Have Reached Far Provinces

We arrived here in North Cotabato, Kidapawan city yesterday morning. Unfortunately, none in the internet plug-ins I have work at home. Both Globe and SmartBro plug-ins don’t provide reliable and decent speed at home. So here I am in an internet cafe in the town, using their internet connection and electricity for php 12/hour.

My SIL brought me here. She worked in a nearby elementary school. One thing I noticed as we walked here were the UK stores (ukay-ukay). Ukay-ukays have reached this far :D If I’m not only in hurry, I wanted to stop by and checked if there were girls shorts for me and my daughter. I’m also interested to find nice yet cheap skirts for Sunday. I would need additional skirts when we moved to BOHOL because most of my skirts no longer fit me. Based on my experience, UKs have branded stylish and almost new skirts. SIL promised that we will visit the largest line of UK stores here on Saturday. That makes me excited for Saturday :D