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Ukay-ukays Have Reached Far Provinces

We arrived here in North Cotabato, Kidapawan city yesterday morning. Unfortunately, none in the internet plug-ins I have work at home. Both Globe and SmartBro plug-ins don’t provide reliable and decent speed at home. So here I am in an internet cafe in the town, using their internet connection and electricity for php 12/hour.

My SIL brought me here. She worked in a nearby elementary school. One thing I noticed as we walked here were the UK stores (ukay-ukay). Ukay-ukays have reached this far :D If I’m not only in hurry, I wanted to stop by and checked if there were girls shorts for me and my daughter. I’m also interested to find nice yet cheap skirts for Sunday. I would need additional skirts when we moved to BOHOL because most of my skirts no longer fit me. Based on my experience, UKs have branded stylish and almost new skirts. SIL promised that we will visit the largest line of UK stores here on Saturday. That makes me excited for Saturday :D

Supposed First Field Trip

My daughter and I were supposed to be on a field trip today. Her school extended the invitation to us despite the fact that she already stopped schooling. I also want my daughter to join the trip for experience and exposure. This is supposed to be my daughter’s first field trip. But I don’t have the money for the field trip fee and I don’t want to borrow it from someone for this purpose. I felt sad for my daughter but hubby told me that we would just roam her around Panglao next year. We need to save for her immunization which we want to be completed before we move to BOHOL. I am thankful that my daughter is not yet aware of the trip, thus she won’t  feel deprive.

Negligence Is Costly

My husband’s supposed flight to Bohol was yesterday. Unfortunately, he went back. Why? I made a mistake when I booked his flight. All the while we both thought that his schedule to fly to Bohol was yesterday, November 5, 2010 and his schedule to go back here in Manila will be on December 10, 2010 – a Friday. I booked his ticket online during the week that we were preparing for our move-out. Both of us were quite sure that the schedule was right. I even asked him to double check the e-ticket I printed. I don’t know if he did. My instinct was ticking me to check his ticket. But instead, I just always asked him if he kept the ticket properly. If only I followed my instinct, I should have discovered that instead of November 5, I booked him for November 3 :(. He only discovered it yesterday when he was already in the airport. When he called up to inform me, I thought he was just kidding me. There was only one flight yesterday and the schedule was in the morning. He was not able to catch it since he arrived at around 10 am for a 1300 flight. He had no choice but to buy another ticket for today’s flight.

I wasted few thousands for the invalid ticket and my husband wasted his time and effort :( It was my fault (and his hehehe). It was our negligence that caused such waste. Lesson learned, always do a double or triple check when booking online :D It was an expensive lesson :D But all things work together for good to them that love God who are called according to His purpose.